Saturday, March 16, 2013

Offering Music for Film & TV and Record Label

Welcome To The Music World of "Mr.Sam Ali"


Filmmakers & TV / Record Label Music:

If you are a filmmaker like producer,director and trying to make a new film then for getting music 100% free this is the only place. The music are perfect songs written sung and composed by "Mr.Sam Ali"  .

To get the music of your choice go to YouTube Channel of "Mr.Sam Ali" listen his song and if you like contact us here:
Email :

Tell the name of song you liked and want to use in your film. We'll send you the track. 
We do have a filter system of fake E-mails so we never receive any other E-mails.

The contract with you of sending music will be:

  1. The Name of the owner of music will be "Mr.Sam Ali" as a composer,writer and vocalist.
  2. The specific rights which will be in E-mail will be provided to you.So you can follow them.
  3. The Record Label/ or film-making should be well known.
 The places to listen audio songs are MTV, SoundCloud, MySpace, Facebook etc.

Price of the music for any film or record label:

For these purposes the music will be provided to you for 0.99$ . And Nothing else.Just get it by contacting us in details at  EMAIL:

Music For TV Dramas:

Also the music for TV Dramas will be provided to you for only 0.99$


Music For Games:

 If the game is well known all over internet and at least in two countries then the music is 100% free otherwise no contract with games.Contact us for further details.


Music for TV Commercial Ads:

For TV Commercial purpose the music is not actually free because when you try to make money of something you need to pay first for that.But we do not charge much only 0.99$ for each song.
For further details contact us at :


Thank you ..!!